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Reporting a Motor Accident to Your Insurance Company

The Process of Reporting an Accident to your Motor Vehicle Insurance is guided by  The Motor Claims Framework (MCF) of the General Insurance Association of Singapore.The MCF is fully supported by all Insurers in Singapore and is set in their policy as a condition under Reporting or Accidents or Notification of Accidents.

The framework states that in the event of an accident, you are  to

  1. Record Gathering

    1. Exchange Particulars with Parties involved in the accident.

      1. NTIC/FIN

      2. Name:

      3. Address:

      4. Vehicle Registration Number

      5. Telephone Number

      6. Insurer

    2. Take Pictures

      1. Take pictures of the Accident Scene.

      2. All Sides of the Damaged Vehicles

      3. Check if the vehicle have any Camera Installed.

If the vehicle is a Company Vehicle, you might also want to take down the Company Name and the Person to Contact in the company.

  1. If your vehicle needs a Tow-truck, contact your insurer Towing Service.

Insurer will recommend Towing of vehicles to their authorised workshop and to avoid all Unauthorised Tow Truck Operators or Repair Workshops.

  1. report the accident to the insurer within 24 hours or by the next working day.

It is important to report the accident within 24 hours or by the next working day if an accident happens. This is both a policy condition and a requirement under the Road Traffic Act.

There are various reporting channels for the Motor Accident. Insurers will have a list of authorised reporting centres for accident reporting. Most of the Authorised Dealers such as Borneo for Toyota, will also be able to assist in the Accident Reporting.

In addition to this, some insurance companies offer on site accident reporting service. NTUC Income Orange Force offers is one example. Ajax Adjuster also runs a team of Motor Accident Response Service for 24hours response service for several Insurance companies.


Some insurance companies also allows online reporting through their website. This will only be good if you are making a report for record purpose and there is no repair required. If your vehicle is damage, you will still need to send your vehicle to the workshop.

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