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Corporate Insurance Liability

Cyber Liability

The policy insure the entity, management, employees and independent contractors who are natural persons to the insured entity. The Coverage of the policy are as follows in a Nutshell: Privacy Liability -Wrongful disclosure of Personal & Corporate Information Security Liability -Failure to deter a Computer Malicious act Incident Response Costs Internet Media Liability Cyber Extortion -Expenses & Extortion Payments arising from:Threats to exploit vulnerabilities or release information -Ransomware Data Asset

Professional Indemnity

It is common for employees to provide advise to their customers as part of their services. Any wrong advise may result to a civil claim brought upon the company. Such claims are not restricted to professional such as Estate Agents, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Designers. Many of these professionals are required to have a Professional Indemnity insurance by their society or governing body prior to providing advise.

Public Liability

The Policy is the most common form of Liability Insurance. It covers for your business risk either inside or our of your premises. It pays for bodily injury or property damage arised from your business acitvity. However it is important to know that Public Liability Insurance will exclude third party claims if it is caused by the product, Professional negligence, relates to Directors and Officers Duty or error and omission

Product Liability

Product liability Insurance covers the insured for financial loss and defence cost arise from the use of their product. The policy is designed for Manufacturers, Distributors, wholesalers, assembler or any form of provision of products to other users.

Directors and Officers Liability

A D&O Insurance pays the Directors and Officers of a company, for claims made against him, as a result of a wrongful act, which the company does not indemnify the Directors and Officers. The policy will pay the company for claims which they provide indemnity to the insured person, for wrongful acts brought against them. The policy pays for expenses including Defense Costs, Legal Representation Expenses; Damages, Permitted Fines and