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Employee’s Benefits

Corporate Insurance Employee’s Benefits

Personal Accident

Personal Accident Insurance provide a lump sum payment up to the Sum Insured when the Life assured passed away or suffer permanent disability as a result of accident.


Singapore has one of the world’s highest home ownership rate in the world. Your home may be a HDB flat, Private Condominium, or Landed property, it is probably one of your most important investment. This is why it is so important to have your place properly insured against any losses, and also any inconvenience and liability which may arise. Insurance for home may be similar, but it is important to

Term life

Term Life Insurance provide lump sum payment up to the Sum Insured when the life assured passed away, or suffer Permanent Incapacity as a result of accident or natural cause

Hospital & Surgical

Insure your employees from the high Hospital Bills when they need to be hospitalized.

Critical Illness

Critical Illness provide a lump sum payment when the life assured is diagnosed with any of the 30 critical illnesses.

General PR actioner Outpatient

With a GP Outpatient Plan, the company will be able to hedge the annual spending for Employees outpatient medical bills. The policy will pay for the cost of medicine and consultation when your employee visit a GP.

Specialist Outpatient Insurance

The specialist outpatitent plan pays for specialist consultation, x-ray and lab test referred by a general practitioner.


The Dental plan covers for the dental treatment and consultation.