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Cyber Liability

The policy insure the entity, management, employees and independent contractors who are natural persons to the insured entity.

The Coverage of the policy are as follows in a Nutshell:

Privacy Liability
-Wrongful disclosure of Personal & Corporate Information

Security Liability
-Failure to deter a Computer Malicious act

Incident Response Costs

Internet Media Liability

Cyber Extortion
-Expenses & Extortion Payments arising from:Threats to exploit vulnerabilities or release information

Data Asset Loss

Business Interruption

Some of the scenarios that may be covered:
Unintentional infringement of the privacy policy of the insured entity, breach of relevant privacy ordinance, failure to prevent unauthorised access to computer system by Third Party Denial of Service, Failure of network security, Defamation in the provision of media services, infringement of copyright or domain name in the provision of media service cyber extortion corruption or destruction of data by malware or hacking.

Companies will requires to have a cyber liability insurance if it rely on Information Technology System, even for offline system, in the storage of customer information, sales processes, running its operation or running other business functions.

-Archtects & Engineeers
-Engineering & Management Services Manufacturing
-Professional Services/Consultants
-Automotive Dealers and Service Stations
-Government/Public Administration
-Law firms
-Media-tv, radi movie
-Printing and Publishing
-Real Estate
-Asset Managers
-Billing Services
-Computer Hardware/Software
-Colleges / Universiteis
-Employment Agency/Personnel Agency
-Blood bank / Tissue Bank
-Nursing / Retirement Home
-Mortgage Brokers
-Personal Services
-Public Authority
-Trade Associations
-Transportation Services
-Accountants – Consumer Based
-Financial Institutions
-Call Centers
-Collection Agencies
-Credit Bureau
-Healthcare Related Services
-Payroll Services
-Search Engine Providers
-Security and Commodity Brokers
-Telemarketing Services
-Title Agents
-Depository Instituions
-Hotels and Other Lodgin Places
-Life Sciences

With the increase reliance on technology in our business process, companies may face unexpected liability and losses when their system has been compromised. This may be caused by not only external hackers, but also due to employee negligence / theft on company data, loss of information from stolen laptops, theft by contractors on company information and many more.

Many people will think that a breached in the company information will only happen to company with weak encryption, anti-virus and procedure. However the recent developments in Singapore has shown otherwise.

Singapore Government delinking of internet access for public servant in May 2016.
Starhub fibre broadband service outage in October 2016

There are many unreported incidents which companies being attacked or suffered losses goes unreported.

This has paved the importance for companies to enhance their security system, and put in place a good Cyber Liability Insurance.

Please find enclosed the proposal form. Kindly complete the form and send to

Name : Gerald Tey
Contact : +65 6922 7275
Email :

Name : Irene Tan
Contact : +65 6922 8696
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